嗯嗯嗯嗯 表示看到JOJO发的HY 去模特面试的FB post

觉得好笑 又觉得自己虚伪 

觉得他其实还是小孩子吧 有点对他不感兴趣了 哎 表示还看到他回的缅甸小妹妹的话 什么怕宝贝吃醋啊 

我操简直要吐了 表示这种随随便便说这些恶心的话的小男生我还是不太into的   呵呵哒     跟谁都能暧昧也挺让人受不了的 这是多随便

有点讨厌这种  good friend is enough ~

突然觉得Alvin是我男神哈哈 新男神 戴眼镜好帅 而且还会弹吉他 还是officer 还会说中文 又是暖男 还是总裁 ( ⊙o⊙ )

Alvin Yeo, 32Founder, Director of The Annexe Project Educational Centre

Despite attaining a degree in Architecture from NUS, Alvin Yeo decided that he wanted to do more than create lifeless structures. The architect in him saw a greater challenge and more fulfilling career in moulding Singapore's future generation. With that, he founded The Annexe Project Educational Centre - a tuition centre with a difference.


Since 2008, The Annexe Project has given education to more than 500 students from primary to junior college levels. However, the students that pass through its doors gain more than just academic knowledge; they take away life-changing experiences as well.


Not content to be a typical educator, Alvin believes in using his life as a living example to inspire his students. He draws on his rich experiences as an educator, television presenter, SAF captain and lead vocalist in a band to influence all whom he teaches and encourage them to realise their aspirations.


Entrepreneurial goals aside, Alvin's dream is to one day be able to provide free education to those who yearn for it but are unable to afford it. Believing that education is the fundamental solution to many societal issues, he believes that what Singapore needs is an institution like that and hopes that The Annexe Project will someday be a pioneer in this movement.


It has been said that if your dreams do not scare you, they are probably not big enough. This is Alvin's ultimate dream and it is larger than life.

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