"this is your life other people may have opinion about it but you are the only one live this life"

you need to make a choice and every choice comes with sacrifices

"whats the difference every children is the same. They may have different looks but inside they are all the same"

"I want to go to Africa, I want to teach them, those people are not civilised and I want to help them, at least to be good"

"Now I am grateful for what my mom asked  me to the way she wanted me too. And now those becomes part of my charactor"

"We should help the poor people"

I am pretty sure one thing is that I am confused and lost at the moment. Everytime when I complished something and move on to the next goal I used to feel this way. I do not know the ultimate goal I am heading and my believes and desires are kept shaken by other people. Their way of life, their passion, their face, their body, their beauty, their fulfiilment. 

You know, one thing about life is that there seems to be a lot of sacrifices you need to make and you can only live once. That one thing you can be sure of is that you can you only one thing at a moment. Thre is no going back and the choice you made sometimes will make who you are and who are you going to be in the future.

People live the way they want or shape the life to get the kind of life they desired. I have kind of split personality and I am kind of greedy. I want so many things together  and end up you may lose eveything. I think I should put my wish list aside and all that desires that going rto drive me off the track far away from me so that I can focus and do what I should accomplish in the shortest time possible. LIve your life and never never ever look back.

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